17 September, 2009

This morning i suppose to catch a flight back to sg.
As usual, we thought the flight is at 9.50am.
So at around 8am, we left our house and go to the airport.
But when we were on the highway, very near to airport already, Silkair called us.
They ask why we didn't show up.
We confused and immediately check our tickets when we arrived and yeah we missed our flight.
Our flight is an additional one and departing at 8.10am.
I was so scared cuz school starts on the 23rd and all of the flights are fully booked because of Hari Raya.
They already told us that all of the passengers checked in already and there's only 1 sit left or we can only depart tomorrow evening.
We were about to go home already when somebody told us there r 4 passengers still caught in a traffic jam and still on their way.
4 passengers!! Can u believe that?? Exactly 4! I still can't believe it.
Oh ya i haven't mention that there's 1 passenger with exactly the same case as us.
In the end she also got the seat, the one that was offered to us.

So now, here i am, back to sg already. :)
Thank God. For everything.

have a little faith,
3:39 PM

19 January, 2009
-vicky the guest blogger-

it's Vicky here, skipping PBF class. HOHOHO!!!
eliz is here beside me, watching Chick & Dick~~~ she loves Dick. HAHAAHAHA
So boring lah, dunno what to write. Eliz is doing the POA stuff also... so rajin laaah sheee~

ok, why am i talking about myself? Let's update about ELIZ.
Since 29 Nov 08 (her last entry...)

Eliz has.......
1. CUT HER HAIR (again)
2. Have a brand new jelly camera
3. Fall in love once again with the Twilight series...
4. not online for weeks because her laptop is full of VIRUSSSS & her internet connection suck
5. eat a lot of pumpkin
6. a love affair with Mr Ting & Sherly. (dunno who is the mother & who is the daughter)
7. attended a lot of seminar on "how to lose weight in 10 days"
8. bought 2 pair of shoes
9. bought a new car
10. not shaved her armpit for 5 days.
11. watched American Idol 8 audition consistently
12. breast implant to cup E

:) :) :)

ok, no 6, 7, 9 ,10 & 12 are false :X :X

hope you miss her post around!!!
i hope she'll update her blog soon~~~ :)
OH AND she is going back to Indo for Chinese New Year celebration :D
ta-ta for now... ^_____^

have a little faith,
2:20 PM

29 November, 2008
-lovely simon!!-

simon is totally cuteeeee in this video!!
the way he laugh... OMG!! so charming. haha.

i spent the WHOLE DAY watching his videos.
i loveeeee him more and more!!
i loveeee simon cowell much more than daniel craig.
when i search for daniel craig's interview at youtube, most of them are quite boring.
nothing really special.
but when i watch simon cowell's videos...
OMG i can't stop laughing and i adore him soooo much!!
im goin crazy soon. haha.
i wanna meet simon cowell!!!!!!!!!
and yeah, paula abdul is the luckiest woman in the world.
simon kissed her so many times!! arghhh.
i also want. hahahaha.

PS: i've changed my profile in this blog.
minor change only.
see whether u all notice. :)

have a little faith,
7:12 PM

27 November, 2008
-cute simon-

watch this!!
damn funny!! haha.
i knew these videos from vick. :)

kimberly-biggest fans of simon cowell. hahaha.

donald-britain's got talent.

PS: parents send me all these from indo this morning!!
OMG! it's like 25 kg of fruits and most of them are rambutan.
cuz ytd i told them that im craving for rambutan and i can't find it here in sg. haha.
so touched!!
luv ya dad n mum!! muach :)

have a little faith,
8:35 PM

26 November, 2008
-funny parody-

OMGOMG!! this parody is damn funny!! haha.
it's so singlish.

and there's 1 more.
visit this link.

i can't stop laughing!! haha.
see the lyrics


Things were much cheaper

We remember last time (when policeman wear shorts ah?)

For just one dollar

Prata and Kaka, we both can buy (Prata power!)

Now twenty years later (Wah terok!)

One dollar can only buy

Tissue, Gua Zi and maybe still Prata, but must kosong

Inflation will never die no


ERP, GST (Hey it rhymes!)

Hits you indefinitely

Petrol price going to reach three (No more discount ah?!)

That’s why we always have no money

And it’ll linger on

Our savings will never be strong (but got GST package what!)

Don’t know how long it’s gonna take me

To save myself some pocket money (Wah long long time ah, long long ah)

(No more money then ask parents lor…)

(Wah! You can steady a bit or not?!)


Last time one gantry (I remember just outside my house!)

Only stood in my way (Wah you super sway!)

Now got so many (Ya lor!)

ERP, Every Road Pay!

Go and fetch my girlfriend (Wah so romantic ah?!)

I will never go again (Why leh?)

Cause I know in my heart *%#*@*!

I will be a poor boyfriend


Orchard to CTE (Eh, why you go that way?!)

Cashcard beep indefinitely

Why can’t we take MRT? (Government say take mah!)

So that today we save some money

So don’t drive lah (Expensive siah)

Maybe I sell my car (Change weekend lah)

If rain we just take the taxi (Cheaper)

That way I think I will save some money (Save so much money for what? Die also cannot bring along with you)

That way I think we will save some money (This time confirm money not enough)

have a little faith,
6:57 PM

24 November, 2008
-my new idols-

daniel craig

simon cowell
OMG!! im crazy over these 2 guys now!! haha.
i know both of them are no longer young but.....
they are just soooo damnnnn sexy!!!
i loveeeee old ppl. haha. jk2.

have a little faith,
3:39 PM

16 November, 2008
-lonely days-

hmm..... my parents went back to indo alr. *sigh*
means im back to my daily routine which has no life!!
im so so sooooo lonelyyyy.
esp at night.
most of the time my bro is not at hm, only me and mbak u.
i feel like my house is somewhat similar to cemetery, always so quiet.
want to go back to indo badly. :(
hope i can do so during the chinese new year.
can't wait for my loooong holiday on june?
arghhh!! still freaking long way to go.

have a little faith,
2:01 PM


demi cinta by kerispatih

fairy tale by guang liang

OMG. just realized that this 2 video clips have the same ending!!
hmm it's not only the ending.
they have similar storyline as well.
is it only a coincidence or?? haha. don't know.
i like both songs anyway. :))

have a little faith,
12:42 AM